The Essay Curse ll Something actually literature related

Or TEC. Because short forms.

So I’ve noticed that whenever I start an essay this semester, something really weird happens which postpones my starting of the essay. NORMALLY,no matter what, my essays get started- and finished- on time. However, its quite different this time around @_@ And its not a state of mind either- its an external event.And it has happened at least 3 times already.

As such, until TEC is lifted, I will start my essays earlier than I need to. *nods*

Though if TEC is a specific instance of Murphy’s law, then perhaps it’ll never get better….*lesigh*


I interrupt your regular literature programming with…League of Legends Season 4 Worlds!

So I got the awesome opportunity to go to the Group playoff in Singapore on Sunday. :3

Also, WordPress should stop trying to publish my drafts…


So I sorta went a little late, around 2pm on the dot to be exact. There was security in the area. On the way in, I got stopped; apparently, they “swapped” my ticket. And I was so confused. Since I bought a Block K ticket, and I didn’t see Block K, I suppose they rearranged the seating plan. But then I got retransferred to Block F, which is one block (and supposedly, one ticket category) ahead, so score. The person rearranging was also nice enough to give me an aisle seat to the right, which is so important since I’m so small (and someone tall ahead of me would’ve ruined the experience)

Yay upgrade! I think.

Yay upgrade! I think.

So anyway, I went in, found my seat annnd sorted out the seating arrangement (since someone apparently took my seat before I got there). All was well though, and the staff were awesome in helping to iron out little kinks like that so kudos to the staff. Then I went outside to look at the merchandise and grab a queue spot. I eventually bought 1 t-shirt.

Okay, now I loved the event but the merchandise side left much to be desired. Why left much to be desired? Because…

1. I wanted to buy a jacket, and the S size jacket was way too huge. It made me look like I was wearing my dad’s jacket.

2. I was keeping an eye out for exclusive skins or champion packs or small things that I could gift friends who were not in Singapore. Nope, that never happened.

3. Posters. Half of the posters were gone already, including a Jinx vs Vi one that I would’ve liked :<

tl;dr: I had money to spend but nothing that I wanted to spend it on. If you want my money, please see above comments.

So after purchasing my t-shirt, I started watching the matches. The atmosphere was unreal, and I think that was the best part of me going- the atmosphere live was nothing compared to those on the livestream.

VERY blurred picture taken moments after the Kabum win.

VERY blurred picture taken moments after the Kabum win. Yes, it is that neon.

The seats were comfortable enough, so that a plus as well. I stayed for the entire match, but not for the C9 photography session. I felt maybe pushing the event like an hour earlier would be better because of the huge possibility of tiebreaker games today. I was there till 10:20 or so, but then I left because I was scared that I might not have been able to take the last bus home (and the long ass queue seemed that it’d be longer than the 40-50 minutes quoted).

So there you go. Awesome atmosphere and some truly spectacular matches. Staff were efficient, very nice and overall awesome. I guess my only disappointment was the merchandise side of things. However, all things considered, I would totally go to World’s again.