English Freshman Survival Guide|| ELH Orientation Camp 2016

This is just a quick plug for the English Literature Orientation Camp for 2016. (and this is a relatively new thing: they just started offering orientation camps for individual faculties within HSS last year).

Yes, so apparently this thing is Sherlock Holmes themed, which sounds a-mazing. I don’t have any details at all about what will occur (I’m -not-  part of the orientation committee, nor am I being asked to put this up, so if you’re planning to find me, wellllll, let it be known that I will not be present), but I think that orientation is a great way to make friends + get to know seniors before school starts proper. Not that I think you will be severely disadvantaged by not going to orientation camp, but its nice to know a few people to have lunch with for the first few weeks of school.

Wanna know more? Look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/615037171984070/

And wanna sign up? Oh look, a form: http://goo.gl/ZVs1ur