Giving thanks for the improbable

I just want to announce that after 4 years as a Literature student, I have finally graduated! While I don’t want to publicize my class of honours here, I did fairly well (figure that out yourselves, detectives!)

It is almost stunning (dizzying) to think that 4-5 years ago, I had not been admitted into English, was preparing to go into a course that I was not passionate about and was basically miserable all round.

It is dizzying to even think that I really was not very good during my first year (reasonable, expected even, given that I had taken like zilch Literature classes before then).

People would have told you that it is “impossible” to raise your cGPA by much after the first year. I disagree. I’ve proved to myself that I can do it.

Of course, it did not come easy (if you look back at my posts, you might be able to tell that I was often frustrated with myself and sometimes even at the work). However, I also had a lot of help from those around me. And all these people– every single one– helped me when I needed it the most while I was looking for academic excellence.

And everything came together in the best way. What were the chances?

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you amazing people (you know who you are) who helped me and made everything fun.

This is just the beginning, but it has had an improbable start. I bet it’ll just get better and the years and degrees roll on 😉



Firstly, I’m glad that everyone finds my advice useful. 🙂

Secondly, this post is titled #buried because my internet access will be limited for this week to the next. AKA I’ll try my best to answer ASAP, but sometimes it may not happen and I don’t want people to feel jumpy if I’m not replying at my normal pace.