FYP Tip #2: Ordering Materials via Document Delivery

Hopefully you’re already reading up on the topic that you want to research on…except oh wait. There’s just that paper that isn’t on any of the databases :l

If you’ve worked on URECA or any research projects at all, you might have come across the document delivery service, but for some of us this service is in some obscure corner the FYP might be the only time you need this service. Still, there’s no reason to not make good use of it.

To access the document delivery service, just go here and access the Document Deliver directly. Although they claim that the Library Tab on Studentlink has a Document Delivery link, a quick Ctrl-F tells me that it isn’t there (though it might just be me being blind. The link above works better).

So they will prompt you to click ‘here’. Go do that.

Library 1

After that, they will bring you to a page where you have to fill in a form which is quite self-explanatory. (the big arrow is there because I *coughs* may have just put in something untrue with keywords showing I needed the paper *coughs*).

The other important thing on the page is the method of payment: you want to select Charge to Library. (I mean, if you want to self pay, then good on you for leaving funds for the rest of the undergraduates! But might as well make use of library, right?)

Library 2

(This is the first half of the form. Nothing much of interest here.)

Library 4(And this is the second part of the form, where you need to enter all the bibliographic information of your source.)

If you sourced your source through the school’s Onesearch, most of the information required is on the details page of the source so just copy all your information onto the document request form.

Library 3

(BTW, this is the page with all the information. I do have access to this particular book, but the page of an inaccessible source will have all that information too.)

OK so there we go. Hopefully you get all the sources you need thus far! 😀 ❤

(22/1/2016: Edited to add mode of payment)


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