FYP Tip #1: Backup

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”

Ok well, Murphy’s law might be nonsense. But do you really want to take the chance (with FYP already being a generally stressful affair?) I thought so. At least, I hope you thought that you’d want to reduce your workload. So. I’ll be releasing the things I wish people had told me (or repeated to me).


And by that, I don’t mean just your drafts and your biblography. I mean like all your primary texts (yes, even the stuff accessible by Youtube or Google search), your (important) secondary texts and your readings. Have copies in your laptop, on Google Drive, Dropbox, your thumb drive. Make sure you can remotely access it, with or without a network connection.

Why do I recommend this? Primarily technological failure.

Over the course of FYP, my laptop’s fan broke down on me. To prevent loss of information, I had to send it to repairs which took like 4 days. Well. At least everything was backuped. Though it set back progress by a couple of hours as I lost one update while transferring my drafts back, in general, it was not that big of a deal.

But this almost gave me a heart attack: a series of videos which was one of my primary texts got deleted off Youtube and I merrily forgot to create a backup (that was not my smartest moment in life). I cursed and swore, going to search for that particular user’s Twitter account to beg for my text if I had to. Thank god the uploader reuploaded everything the day it was deleted (and I backed up the videos because nope, I am not going through that again) but I would have been screwed if that did not happen.


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