Guidelines For NTU’s appeal || Appeals

So I have been notified that NTU has increased its appeal space to 250 words I can’t remember, but I think it was on the tune of 250 words to 300 words. Yay! This is good news for those of you who like long rambly letters, much less so for the people who are more succinct. Anyway, since the space has increased, I thought it best to talk about how best to make use of your extra space.

1) Great News: Now you can write in the breakdown of your grades.

With the 50 word limit, I advised people not to write in their grades. While I still don’t think writing in your grades is the best idea because they do have the information on hand, you can point out the breakdown of your grades in your appeal (eg. I didn’t do so well for my A Levels but I did well for XXX subject which shows that I may be a good fit for the course in question because both subjects utilise Skill Y, which is crucial to the study of XXX.)

2) Great news: You can further explain your leadership roles/ roles outside of school.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You can detail the roles you played or the things you did and how it will help you in your course of study. (eg. I was the chairperson of XXX society, I had to organize outdoor activities even though I had never organized an event before. However, this helped me to become more tenacious, which I believe will aid me in my course of study as I have not done this course of study before.)

3) Great news: With the Extra Space, you can give your appeal a super snazzy opening

I have no examples, but this will help make your appeal stand out from the piles of appeals that people have to read.

4) Reminder: You do not have to use ALL the words.

This is something people tend to forget. No, you do not need to use all the words. And people tend to get frustrated when you add useless information. So do yourself and your appeal reader a favour and choose NOT to add in extra words just to fill the word limit. Be considerate to your appeal reader too.

5) Reminder: Do not state information in the file.

Really, just don’t. I have said it above, I said it in my own post about appeals and I will say it here. DO NOT DO THIS.

Ok so I am done about my piece on how I think best to utilize your word count. Is there anything you think I missed out? Let me know and I’ll write it in 🙂


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