Module Reviews || S2 2014-2015

So here are some of the modules that I took this year and my take on the lecturers. Please note that I have my own biases and that there are reasons that I may not have preferred a certain module/ a certain lecturer and I will try to cover that as comprehensively here as I possibly can.

HL4002: Major Author Study: Chaucer || Professor Walter Wadiak

Its Professor Wadiak who is taking this class so I am a fan since I really enjoy his style of teaching. And cmon, Chaucer is extremely interesting! 😉 That said, this module IS a lot of work (though not much different from Feminist Studies last term). The reason for this is because we have study questions every week, plus 2 presentations overall, one essay and exams. And you’ll be reading Chaucer in Middle English (not as much of a problem if you took HL 2001), so take note of that. I am inclined to think that this module requires slightly more work than the rest of the level 4000 modules but the difference is not as great as people make it out to be.

HZ9201: Creative Writing: Poetry || Professor Divya Victor

If you have the opportunity, do take this module especially if you are into experimental poetry. Professor Divya Victor selects really awesome and inventive readings and I found that it helped me become more creative, so to speak. I will not lie though, this module requires work as there are poetry prompts every week, three portfolio submissions and 2 event reviews. I would recommend that people who wish to take this module start early on the module reviews as finding poetry events became a chore later on in the year. Overall, I would recommend this module for students who are hoping to become more experimental with your writing. New writers may find this module intimidating but I think it will be worth it in the end.

HZ9204: Creative Writing: Playwriting || Jean Tay-Inn

I took this module because I wanted to try other genres of writing (since I write primarily short stories and poetry). As such, I found myself not as interested as I should have been in the writing exercises and such. Though there are exercises for scene setting, monologues and workshops for the plays, I feel that it was geared towards people who already had an idea of what to do (vs me who had no idea what to do. How do I write in a character? Should the play even be character driven? Can characters act as plot devices? What if I want to play with audience expectations?). As such, I would recommend this module for students who are already interested in playwriting

HL3031: Scottish Literature || Professor Richard Barlow

Whyy? Why is this module not popular?

I think this module is really great. Though the readings are a little dry in the beginning (I’m looking at you Waverley), it does get better and I think this module has some of the most intriguing readings of my time in NTU. It is also an interesting insight for those of you are interested in the conscious of a nation. This module also links to quite a few different areas of literary studies (including but not limited to) postcolonalism, modernism and postmodernism. Professor Barlow has also been quite supportive, though he has that little penchant for springing surprise quizzes (which resulted in me freaking out a little because I did not study). Anyway, I would recommend this module because I found that it was able to translate across different areas.

HP8003: Are You Ok? Mental Health in Singapore || Can’t remember I’m sorry Professor

I found this module really interesting (but this is because I have a prior interest in mental health). Covering most mental health problems in Singapore, you can expect to walk away from this module with a deeper understanding of the mental health landscape in Singapore. The Professor is also a practicing mental health professional (though he specialises in adolescent mental health) so he brings in real life examples which kinda humanifies the problem, if that makes sense. Would recommend for people who want to know more about mental health problems in Singapore.

So yes, this rounds out my review of modules for this semester! For those who actually read these reviews (are there even people?!), please note that next year I will be embarking on my FYP so I expect to only take two modules.



2 thoughts on “Module Reviews || S2 2014-2015

  1. Hi 🙂 i am keen on taking up HP8003 but have a few concerns that the module is not easy to score well in. Could you tell me how majority of students fared for the module/or whether it requires alot of gd essay writing skills? Also, i read somewhere that the content tested in the quiz was not in the lect notes. Could you clarify that for me? Thanks!! P.s im an engineering student so idk if my essay writing is up to par with hss students XD

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