Its that time of year again. A-Level results! || A-Levels 2015

So last year, I suddenly got a few email requests for people who were interested in going into NTU English, and wanted to know if I would help them read through letters/ what everything is like.

This year, I thought I might gather some faqs to help you guys out. Again, you guys are perfectly welcome to submit questions through the form- and I will normally get back to you in 24 hours. If I don’t, your message might have been lost. I don’t believe I lost any questions last year though, so yep.

(I am saving Zueet some time. heh.)


1. Is NTU English the course for me?

Maybe! However, in my humble opinion, you must like reading. If you absolutely despise reading, you’re probably not going to be very happy in English. Also, be willing to do different things and not concentrate on one area of literature! I have studied everything from medieval English (Middle English guys!) to Contemporary American and have seen the value, painful as it might seem to be at first.

2. My ranking points is X. Can I get in? Should I appeal?

Ok first of all, I must state that I don’t know anything for definite- I am going on a lot of guesswork. I’m not such good friends with my professors they’d let me know about who appeals and the points cutoff.

Secondly, if you want me to guess, you need to give me the distribution of points over all your subjects, including GP. Why? This can drastically affect your chances. Eg. Student A gets 71 points, with good (A/B) grades in GP and say, English Literature. Student B gets 71 points, but their good grades are from Mathematics and Chemistry.

Guess who’s more likely to get the place.

As for appeals, you can read Zueet’s post here on whether you should try. If you asked me, I think that you always should because you won’t know until you try.

3. How do I appeal?

Do yourself a favour and don’t state something they already know (grades/etc.)

Secondly, state how you can contribute back to the school. This is where having a related CCA helps.

Finally, please don’t come across as desperate. There’s nothing attractive about a desperate student.

I do not have my exact appeal- I deleted my appeal texts. HOWEVER, I did use the exact general guidelines I gave here.