Please do not say women are creatures of emotion

Yes, I am aware of the irony of the title. Still, hear me out.

So I was reading articles while supposedly streaming myself coloring stuff. And I came across this article, where the writer claims that women are all creatures of emotion. And I closed the page, got angry and then told my friend (who I was streaming for) that the article pushed one of my buttons.

And she asked why. So here’s why.

1) Thank you very much for excluding me from the category of women. Because, you know, not all of us are creatures of emotion. Women, like men, go across the entire spectrum of emotionality, from emotional to non-emotional.

2) Not that there’s anything wrong with emotion but in the context of a society that values rationality, it can be used as an excuse to exclude women from leadership/positions of power.

3) Given gender roles, its a catch-22. If I show no emotion, then I’m not being feminine (I’m not anyway, and who cares. But then again, I’ve stopped caring). If I do, then I am therefore lesser, and less capable with someone with the same qualifications and experience because I am not inherently rational.

So that’s the problem. What’s the solution? Valuing emotions as much as we do rationality would be nice. But I’m a realist.


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