Without a table || Musings

In Stuttgart, Germany, I went to a class on Moby Dick. It was taught by a researcher (almost unthinkable given that almost every class in Singapore I’ve been to has been taught by professors) and it was overfull. I mean this in the sense that every week, a few students would have to sit down on chairs (which were piled up the side) without tables to settle in for the lesson. The lecturer accommodated me readily even though the class was already technically overfull. Often, I would perch my laptop on my lap while listening to the class.

I’m very sad to say that with the fiasco of overfull classes, I wonder why we couldn’t just do that. Of course, there are essays to be marked and papers to be marked- but this is university. A school. A place for learning. I am of the belief that anyone should be able to learn what they wish and honestly, I’m quite sad that its come down to giving up what you want to take in order to clear certain requirements quickly. Or letting the venue limit the number of students. What happened to sitting on the floor, taking notes and feeling joy in learning?

I am quite disappointed with myself and the school.

(As an aside note: Yes, I know the logistical problems. I am oversimplifying the issue, yes. But I am angsty and this is a little bit more of a rant than anything.)