Don’t smile when you’re sad ll Rant

“Love and self”, now that we know, I and you are free to go,
To smile and laugh, and more than those, we’ll also cry, if so we chose.

– Egoselfish, DECO*27, English Lyrics Author Unknown

I die a little inside when I see people telling depressed people to smile. God, I hate it.

So naturally, I see someone on my timeline (Facebook) telling depressed people to smile. I know that her intention is good and I don’t think she’s a horrible person for saying that. However, I do think she’s ignorant. Well, all of us were ignorant at 14, but maybe some a little more than others.

And to me, there is nothing worse than telling someone to smile. It de-legitimizes (if there’s such a word) their right to be depressed and to seek help for it. Its like telling someone that if they can somehow put their minds to it without outside help, they can be happy too! And most of all, it tells them that your peace of mind (that you’ve been a good friend) is somehow more important than their legitimate feelings. And you know what? People die from this. People die because they don’t get help, because smiling manages to mask their feelings and you can’t detect it.

So yeah. Please. Offer to do anything for the person. But please, don’t trivialize the hurt they go through by telling them to smile.


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