Thanks Riot! ll Diversion from Literature

So eventually, Riot finally fixed my problem with the champions, crediting the skins to my account in NA. Thanks Riot! I think this is a testament to Riot’s excellent customer service and I will be more than happy to give them my money. ❤

Garena was not very helpful though so :< Not sure if this says something about our customer service…


The Essay Curse ll Something actually literature related

Or TEC. Because short forms.

So I’ve noticed that whenever I start an essay this semester, something really weird happens which postpones my starting of the essay. NORMALLY,no matter what, my essays get started- and finished- on time. However, its quite different this time around @_@ And its not a state of mind either- its an external event.And it has happened at least 3 times already.

As such, until TEC is lifted, I will start my essays earlier than I need to. *nods*

Though if TEC is a specific instance of Murphy’s law, then perhaps it’ll never get better….*lesigh*


Okay, so I loved watching Worlds. I really did.

And I thought I could get the champs and skins transferred to NA, so I was even happier (else I was going to toss it to someone who would use it).

…Guess whose employees said they could not, apparently, give skins and champions onto another server and claimed they could?


Not disclosing anything since I don’t consider anything resolved yet, but…I wonder if its worth the hassle to make a police report.