A teacher detained ll Vocaloid Song Review

I’ve been writing too much for school and not enough for leisure. I’m hoping this idea will get me more excited about writing. It might get a little academic and stuff but more writing is more writing, and honestly I’ve been neglecting this blog.

So I’ve been obsessed with this song, simply because its so interesting. I mean, normally we have the dichotomy of love and hate in Vocaloid (think Acute and Culture Blooming Girl, to name a few), in which I will argue that death is merely an extension of the love that the characters have for each other. The dichotomy here of the person being seemingly helped and the person being helped shows that this is a 2-way exchange (as is everything in life)

Looking at the lyrics, we can see that the student is portrayed as emotional, even impulsive and as hating his teacher. He is shown in the video to hit his hand on the wall (at 1:07) and even manhandles the teacher (at 2:20). His character sings “Hey teacher, I hate your guts!”, which is something quite strong. However, at the end of the first couple of choruses, he asks the teacher to help him with his homework (“This homework I haven’t done…Mind lending a hand?” On the surface, he is the one who needs the teacher there, which is what we see in reality.

His teacher on the other hand, doesn’t even truly seem to retaliate; he seems a goofy but static character. We never truly get insight into his character- he is defined as a very nice teacher by his students. We see him as insistent through the eyes of the student, but he fails to define himself as a character through his actions.

It is only at 2:55, when we see him chasing after the student that we see a role reversal; the student becomes the object and the teacher being the subject. From that point onwards, we see the teacher’s thoughts  shine through- and at the end, the role reversal becomes complete when the student offers to assist the teacher, much like the teacher offers to help him at the start of the video.


Phew, that was only in draft for like 2 weeks -_-;


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