Module Review ll S1 2014-2015

Normally I try to get module reviews out before Add/Drop period, but I was busy. That is all.

HP2600: Cognitive Psychology || Prof Michael Donald Patterson
Honestly, this is a very interesting psychology module. I personally like that he tries his best to give continual assessment to affirm theories which I think is fairly important, especially in a psychology module. It is a pity that cognitive psychology is not my favorite kind of psychology (my area of interest is actually in abnormal psychology).

HL3001: Film Theory || Prof Brian Bergen-Aurand

Okay, so I guess this is a pretty divisive course and a pretty divisive professor. So I guess I should explain why I’m not taking the mod.

I honestly think this mod is awesome for anyone who is into films and who is interested in learning more about film. In that sense, Brian is an excellent professor since he obviously loves his subject and is very excited about his subject (thereby igniting your own interest in it!) The problem is that he is harsh and while that sometimes is a good thing, my interest level in film wasn’t even all that great to begin with. Then again, it IS a useful filter.

HL2002: Renaissance Literature || Prof John Tangney
Ooh. This is fun fun fun. I have slight interest in philosophy and the nature of things so this is right up my alley. Tangney is nothing if not incredibly intelligent and I love hearing about what he thinks on certain topics and then debating it in my own head. Of course, be prepared for dense readings and for needing time to ponder on Tangney’s intelligent comments.

ETA: Professor Tangney has left NTU and the course is now taught by Professor Jane Wong. I have not had an experience with said professor and the course seems to have changed drastically. As such, I consider this review outdated.

HL4010: Feminist Theory ll Prof Yong Wen-Mei
Requires intellectual gymnastics to get theories like the masquerade (which I am still desperately trying to wrap my head around). However, this can be immensely interesting or frustrating, so I suppose that if you quite like theory (like me) then you’ll be ok. If you aren’t, well…. You will have to learn to like it. Somehow.

EE8061: ?????? ll ??????
[The question marks were because I was too lazy to check]

Interesting mod, no complaints. Though he does have an hour long clicker quiz per lecture, so be prepared for that.

HH0301: The Environment in History || Profs Lisa Onaga and Miles Powell
You will hear your seniors/ yearmates rant about the environmental mods. You’ll think they’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Then you’ll have to take it yourself.

Its salvation is the fact that the readings are actually quite fun and interesting and the lecturers are pretty insightful. The bad part is everything else. The wording on the reading assignment was so vague I didn’t know what to make of it and a subsequent clarification didn’t yield results. I only knew what they wanted after they gave a checklist. And prepare for quiz questions to be inhumanely vague as well (in fact, we were arguing on semantics).

No, they were not making a mountain out of a molehill.


5 thoughts on “Module Review ll S1 2014-2015

  1. Hi! I’m a NTU student as well, and will be taking a environment mod in the coming AY2015. May I ask if you still have the course outline for HH0301: The Environment in History? or if you could let me know what’s the assessment like? tests or term paper etc? thank you very much!

    • Hi

      Unfortunately I did not keep the course outline 😦 However I would not worry about the course outline- from what I know, it seems that this course changes the course outline relatively drastically.

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