I interrupt your regular literature programming with…League of Legends Season 4 Worlds!

So I got the awesome opportunity to go to the Group playoff in Singapore on Sunday. :3

Also, WordPress should stop trying to publish my drafts…


So I sorta went a little late, around 2pm on the dot to be exact. There was security in the area. On the way in, I got stopped; apparently, they “swapped” my ticket. And I was so confused. Since I bought a Block K ticket, and I didn’t see Block K, I suppose they rearranged the seating plan. But then I got retransferred to Block F, which is one block (and supposedly, one ticket category) ahead, so score. The person rearranging was also nice enough to give me an aisle seat to the right, which is so important since I’m so small (and someone tall ahead of me would’ve ruined the experience)

Yay upgrade! I think.

Yay upgrade! I think.

So anyway, I went in, found my seat annnd sorted out the seating arrangement (since someone apparently took my seat before I got there). All was well though, and the staff were awesome in helping to iron out little kinks like that so kudos to the staff. Then I went outside to look at the merchandise and grab a queue spot. I eventually bought 1 t-shirt.

Okay, now I loved the event but the merchandise side left much to be desired. Why left much to be desired? Because…

1. I wanted to buy a jacket, and the S size jacket was way too huge. It made me look like I was wearing my dad’s jacket.

2. I was keeping an eye out for exclusive skins or champion packs or small things that I could gift friends who were not in Singapore. Nope, that never happened.

3. Posters. Half of the posters were gone already, including a Jinx vs Vi one that I would’ve liked :<

tl;dr: I had money to spend but nothing that I wanted to spend it on. If you want my money, please see above comments.

So after purchasing my t-shirt, I started watching the matches. The atmosphere was unreal, and I think that was the best part of me going- the atmosphere live was nothing compared to those on the livestream.

VERY blurred picture taken moments after the Kabum win.

VERY blurred picture taken moments after the Kabum win. Yes, it is that neon.

The seats were comfortable enough, so that a plus as well. I stayed for the entire match, but not for the C9 photography session. I felt maybe pushing the event like an hour earlier would be better because of the huge possibility of tiebreaker games today. I was there till 10:20 or so, but then I left because I was scared that I might not have been able to take the last bus home (and the long ass queue seemed that it’d be longer than the 40-50 minutes quoted).

So there you go. Awesome atmosphere and some truly spectacular matches. Staff were efficient, very nice and overall awesome. I guess my only disappointment was the merchandise side of things. However, all things considered, I would totally go to World’s again.


Close reading ll Quick Tips

I remember my professor telling me something along the lines of “If you can write your thesis based on a single word, you’ve done well:

Well, if you can reach that level of close reading, you should be labelled appropriately as a God of Literature. Most of us are probably never going to reach that level of close reading but that is no reason to give up on close reading.

I have has assignments when my professors told me not to use ANY other sources for the essay to train us on close reading. And its really easy to panic, especially if you’ve never done such an essay. This is my own experience on how I decide if I’m on the right track. It differs from person to person though.

1. How bulky are the quotes from the text am I examining?
If my quotes are bulky, it means I run the risk of trying to substitute quotes for analysis if the paragraph lengths are the same. As such, unless I am pointing out something in context, I try to avoid block quotes in favour of shorter quotes.

2. Am I examining the connotation of the words?
I don’t merely want to give you the meaning of the word (any dictionary can do that!), my job is to analyze how the meaning gives it a certain connotation in the context of the sentence. If I can do that, that’s quite a few words cleared.

3. Finally, what does this all mean?
Pretty much I can do all of that but it doesn’t mean zilch if it doesn’t correlate to the argument in some way, so it has to support [or not] my thesis in some way.


A teacher detained ll Vocaloid Song Review

I’ve been writing too much for school and not enough for leisure. I’m hoping this idea will get me more excited about writing. It might get a little academic and stuff but more writing is more writing, and honestly I’ve been neglecting this blog.

So I’ve been obsessed with this song, simply because its so interesting. I mean, normally we have the dichotomy of love and hate in Vocaloid (think Acute and Culture Blooming Girl, to name a few), in which I will argue that death is merely an extension of the love that the characters have for each other. The dichotomy here of the person being seemingly helped and the person being helped shows that this is a 2-way exchange (as is everything in life)

Looking at the lyrics, we can see that the student is portrayed as emotional, even impulsive and as hating his teacher. He is shown in the video to hit his hand on the wall (at 1:07) and even manhandles the teacher (at 2:20). His character sings “Hey teacher, I hate your guts!”, which is something quite strong. However, at the end of the first couple of choruses, he asks the teacher to help him with his homework (“This homework I haven’t done…Mind lending a hand?” On the surface, he is the one who needs the teacher there, which is what we see in reality.

His teacher on the other hand, doesn’t even truly seem to retaliate; he seems a goofy but static character. We never truly get insight into his character- he is defined as a very nice teacher by his students. We see him as insistent through the eyes of the student, but he fails to define himself as a character through his actions.

It is only at 2:55, when we see him chasing after the student that we see a role reversal; the student becomes the object and the teacher being the subject. From that point onwards, we see the teacher’s thoughts  shine through- and at the end, the role reversal becomes complete when the student offers to assist the teacher, much like the teacher offers to help him at the start of the video.


Phew, that was only in draft for like 2 weeks -_-;

The time it took a cigarette to burn ll Snapshots in time

I don’t think that the person who this piece is directed to knows the existence of this blog. But if he does, then… I’ll pretend that you have not read this anyway.

The day before I left Stuttgart, I went to see F one last time. I mean, sure, I really wanted to bring him out for dinner but I knew he had things to do. So I went to where I knew he would be studying to say hi and stuff. I asked about his work quietly- we were in the library. We chatted for a little, then he told me that it was time for a cigarette, and he could spare that time.

On the way down, I did ask him about dinner. Sure enough, he was going to study for the whole day. He was rolling a cigarette in his hands as we walked down, chatting about mundane this and that’s.

It occurred to me that he might have been merely using the cigarette as an excuse to chat before I left Germany.

We chatted about his work; about him doing 2 pages per hour of questions. I asked him what his specialty was- partial differential equations.

I talked about dinner first- I wanted to go to Calwer Eck Brewery before walking about Stuttgart, the city I think of as a second home before thinking about home and the people and the things at home.

I sat beside him- a concession towards cigarettes even though I was allergic to the smoke. Because this might be all the time I had together with him.

We eventually talked about all the farewells we had to say to everyone else in the past few weeks. And the silences between us made it clearer than ever that I too, would soon be gone. A mere passer-by in his life as he had been in mine.

Eventually, we parted outside the library after that cigarette was done. I promised to visit if I visited Milan, ever. He promised to tell me if he ever went to any part of Asia. There was a long pause before we said goodbye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him lost for words.

I waved goodbye to him through the glass doors before he went to his work and I went to eat- my last meal in Stuttgart.

As I walked to the train station, I could finally taste salt from all the goodbyes we had to say and would have to say.

At that moment, I wish I could have lived in the last 2 days- a haze of parties and alcohol and the beautiful lie that somehow we could live like the last 5 months, again.

Module Review ll S1 2014-2015

Normally I try to get module reviews out before Add/Drop period, but I was busy. That is all.

HP2600: Cognitive Psychology || Prof Michael Donald Patterson
Honestly, this is a very interesting psychology module. I personally like that he tries his best to give continual assessment to affirm theories which I think is fairly important, especially in a psychology module. It is a pity that cognitive psychology is not my favorite kind of psychology (my area of interest is actually in abnormal psychology).

HL3001: Film Theory || Prof Brian Bergen-Aurand

Okay, so I guess this is a pretty divisive course and a pretty divisive professor. So I guess I should explain why I’m not taking the mod.

I honestly think this mod is awesome for anyone who is into films and who is interested in learning more about film. In that sense, Brian is an excellent professor since he obviously loves his subject and is very excited about his subject (thereby igniting your own interest in it!) The problem is that he is harsh and while that sometimes is a good thing, my interest level in film wasn’t even all that great to begin with. Then again, it IS a useful filter.

HL2002: Renaissance Literature || Prof John Tangney
Ooh. This is fun fun fun. I have slight interest in philosophy and the nature of things so this is right up my alley. Tangney is nothing if not incredibly intelligent and I love hearing about what he thinks on certain topics and then debating it in my own head. Of course, be prepared for dense readings and for needing time to ponder on Tangney’s intelligent comments.

ETA: Professor Tangney has left NTU and the course is now taught by Professor Jane Wong. I have not had an experience with said professor and the course seems to have changed drastically. As such, I consider this review outdated.

HL4010: Feminist Theory ll Prof Yong Wen-Mei
Requires intellectual gymnastics to get theories like the masquerade (which I am still desperately trying to wrap my head around). However, this can be immensely interesting or frustrating, so I suppose that if you quite like theory (like me) then you’ll be ok. If you aren’t, well…. You will have to learn to like it. Somehow.

EE8061: ?????? ll ??????
[The question marks were because I was too lazy to check]

Interesting mod, no complaints. Though he does have an hour long clicker quiz per lecture, so be prepared for that.

HH0301: The Environment in History || Profs Lisa Onaga and Miles Powell
You will hear your seniors/ yearmates rant about the environmental mods. You’ll think they’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Then you’ll have to take it yourself.

Its salvation is the fact that the readings are actually quite fun and interesting and the lecturers are pretty insightful. The bad part is everything else. The wording on the reading assignment was so vague I didn’t know what to make of it and a subsequent clarification didn’t yield results. I only knew what they wanted after they gave a checklist. And prepare for quiz questions to be inhumanely vague as well (in fact, we were arguing on semantics).

No, they were not making a mountain out of a molehill.