Mentoring for students going on exchange this semester, AY 2014-2015 S1

Just a quick post in class.

I’m just posting to volunteer to help mentor students going to the University of Stuttgart/Germany in general for the Winter Semester 2014-2015. I am Singaporean (as the title clearly states) but I am opening this to anyone who is going to the university.

Depending on how many people respond [Honestly, I think nil but!], I will be able to offer one on one advice or have to create a email list/whatever. I may have a few friends who have done exchange as well, depending on their availability/willingness.

How to contact me? There is a contact form and I will contact you within 48 hours, but normally it takes a shorter time than that so check your junk mail folder. I will include the title of this blog as well.

Welp, so here goes nothing. Peace out!