Why buy a good mic (or, why your mixer is not a miracle worker)

This is why should you buy a good mic: because mixers are *not* miracle workers. There’s only so much a mixer can do when the base files are crappy.

Both files were recorded a few months apart of each other. Both times, I was recovering (once from a sore throat and once from a throat infection) so I would say my vocal ability is roughly the same.

The only difference was the mic used: My mic at home is a Samson C01U, a USB condenser. The mic I’m using overseas is my laptop mic (the mix is as similar as humanely possible. The laptop mic obviously required cleaning up of the bg sound etc)

Laptop mic with mix:

I sound like I’m at a live performance with a really crappy mic. It definitely could be worse, but it could be way better. It couldn’t be worse, you say? Look below.

Laptop mic without mix:

I think, as my friend would put it, I sound like I’m singing in a can.

Compare with the files recorded with my good mic.

Good mic with mix:

My voice is so much clearer (and you can hear the quality of my voice, including all the times I fell flat. I WAS RECOVERING OK.) In fact, the difference is so drastic, I almost sound like 2 different people. I say almost because of the fact that I live with my voice everyday.

And the good mic without mix:

I don’t think I sounded that great but it was definitely better than even the mix with the laptop mic.


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