Review of mods so far (NTU, Year 2, ELH)

Just a quick review of my mods so far and my impression:

HL2001: Medieval Literature ll Professor Walter Wadiak

This is a decent mod to take if you’re into the whole medieval thing (which I am). Prof Wadiak’s a pretty nice guy from my experience with him in HL1002, so you probably won’t die. Just be sure to read up on Middle English grammar and such before the course, which will be immensely helpful since he threw us into the deep end (literally). Challenge accepted.


HL2015: Urban Culture Asia ll Professor Lee Hyun Jong

Hmm, so I was a little apprehensive about this mod to be honest. But the paper is great (Due 1-2 weeks before hell’s week, so), the topics seem really exciting and I’m just generally excited about this mod 😀


HL3014- Rise of the novel ll Professor Samara Cahill

Ah, Prof Sam Cahill. I dropped this mod because this was one of the heavier ones (and I prefer Medieval and Urban Culture Asia) so this mod has to go- for this sem. I do recommend Prof Cahill though- she seems FUN. And she seems very open to student feedback, so that’s a HUUGE plus.


Ok, so I do NOT like being called up in class. Tutorial or a seminar is fine (and there aren’t that many people to make you feel like an idiot) but I do NOT enjoy being called on upon lecture. As such, will probably drop this if I can get HP1100 (and even if I don’t get it…XD; ) That said, the lecturer for this mod seems really fun and passionate about the subject so…yeah. Open book exams? A plus too~


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