Clearly bleeding over essays work

Because I did get an exchange spot for the University of Stuttgart :3

Pretty happy with the whole affair, given that my GPA isn’t as high as most who apply for an exchange programme. However, also kinda sad because I realise if I take this exchange spot, I’ll be spending my 21st birthday overseas.

Sighs. Compromises…

EDIT: Shall add a post on applying exchange when I get through the pile of paperwork *drowns in papers*


Bleeding over essays

Doing an entrance essay, and I’m somewhere at 380+ / 500 words.

Being able to write so little during such a long span of time is extremely painful. Its like taking a pen and bleeding over the page (or, in my case, typing).

Review of mods so far (NTU, Year 2, ELH)

Just a quick review of my mods so far and my impression:

HL2001: Medieval Literature ll Professor Walter Wadiak

This is a decent mod to take if you’re into the whole medieval thing (which I am). Prof Wadiak’s a pretty nice guy from my experience with him in HL1002, so you probably won’t die. Just be sure to read up on Middle English grammar and such before the course, which will be immensely helpful since he threw us into the deep end (literally). Challenge accepted.


HL2015: Urban Culture Asia ll Professor Lee Hyun Jong

Hmm, so I was a little apprehensive about this mod to be honest. But the paper is great (Due 1-2 weeks before hell’s week, so), the topics seem really exciting and I’m just generally excited about this mod 😀


HL3014- Rise of the novel ll Professor Samara Cahill

Ah, Prof Sam Cahill. I dropped this mod because this was one of the heavier ones (and I prefer Medieval and Urban Culture Asia) so this mod has to go- for this sem. I do recommend Prof Cahill though- she seems FUN. And she seems very open to student feedback, so that’s a HUUGE plus.


Ok, so I do NOT like being called up in class. Tutorial or a seminar is fine (and there aren’t that many people to make you feel like an idiot) but I do NOT enjoy being called on upon lecture. As such, will probably drop this if I can get HP1100 (and even if I don’t get it…XD; ) That said, the lecturer for this mod seems really fun and passionate about the subject so…yeah. Open book exams? A plus too~

Back to school (and my hate for class registration)

Its the moment when you walk into a classroom,.. You look around and go “Shit…I know noone. There’s groupwork.”

Welcome to the start of second year! Its all very good and dandy if you managed to synchronize mods with others 😉 If you didn’t (and you’re an idiot like me by not checking beforehand), then welcome to the club, my friend.

3 mods so far, and I managed to find at least one or two people whom I know *smug*

Bad thing: I signed up for 6 lit mods. Now to decide which ones to drop…*sighs*

A moment of introspection into the Youtaite fandom

I have asked myself time and time over: Why do I bother to stay in the fandom? This whole singing thing has deviated so far from my original aim of “music for music’s sake”. In fact, my close friends in the fandom know that I actually have suffered nervous breakdowns about not being good enough, screamed about not getting THAT effect from the mix, pulling hair out over animation programs (Vegas, I’m looking at you).

That should be enough to make a girl leave, right? Yet, I stayed.

And every time I ask this question, the response I get from myself is that I like the artistic part of it. I like pushing the boundaries of art and this includes performing art. And this fulfills my need to be an artistic human being.

I don’t aim for perfection in my covers. Somehow, the majority of people in this fandom have become obsessed with perfection: perfect mixing, perfect timing, beautiful animation. For me, it is more important for me to push the boundaries of this art and create something beautiful. When I don’t succeed at this, I feel disappointed.

I don’t need to be popular. When I looked through my subbers, I spot people whom I respect. And guess what? These few people give me more satisfaction than a hundred people whom I don’t even interact with. I feel like an equal, someone whom they can respect as an artist and that is important to me.

I have a lot of friends in the fandom as well, and they are beautiful people. And even if I left, I would still keep in contact with them. And at the end of the day, the memories you make with these people are the ones that stay. People come and go out of your lives, but memories will be yours forever.

In the end, there always will be shallow, immature people and popularity contests (and this goes for EVERY fandom/group of people in the world) but why quit because of it? In the end, they’re not worth you. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.